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About me

Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm Julia, a skilled and passionate Communication Designer with eight years of working experience in the field of Graphic Design, Project Management and Email Marketing. In case you want to know more about my professional experience, please follow this link to see my full CV. You can of course also contact me using the contact form.

Communication Design

As a professional Communication Designer with several years of working experience in this field I'm an expert in the following areas:

  • Corporate Design (incl. Logo Design and Conception, Stationery, Business Cards, Style & Brand Guides)

  • Website Conception & Layout (incl. UX / UI)

  • Website creation using Content Management systems and maintencance (if needed)

  • Conception and creation of various offline products such as flyers, catalogues, posters, menues, cards incl. support with printing (if needed)

  • Conception and creation of email marketing templates and landing pages

If you want to learn more about my projects, please click here.

Project Management & Process Development

Trough the years I got the chance to work on different kinds of projects which gave me the opportunity to learn about the varying apporaches of Project Management. Not every method is applicaple to every kind of product or business. There is no right or wrong. Next to the "classical" Projekt Management I'm very interested to use agile methods like SCRUM or Kanban. I strongly believe by using these approaches you foster the collaboration within the team to reach the ultimate results. This again leads to a better product and a happier consumer. Next to managing projects I enjoy the development and especially the improvment of existing processes a lot. Why? Because everyone wants to be more efficent and instead of being stuck in too long and intransparent processes the team can focus on getting things done.

  • Optimization of internal processes

  • Support with Introduction and internal Communication

  • Planning and execution of brain stormings and creative workshops


Email Marketing

After working about three years in Email Marketing I have to admit that I developed a small obsession for this often underestimated Marketing Channel. with Email Marketing you have the chance to directly talk to each of your customers. With the various personalisation possibilites you can tailor the messages to fit all your target group(s). I'd love to introduce you to it's possibilities and help you to make use of it's full potential.

  • Target group definition

  • Selection of best sending tool

  • Creation and sendout of email campaigns

  • Evaluation and optimisation

  • Creation of campaign calendar

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